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We provide taxidermy services in Katy, Richmond, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, and surrounding areas. I work on a variety of mounts from whitetail deer, axis, black bucks, hogs and more. I pride myself in quality work and treat each specimen as if it were my own.

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Taxidermy Katy TX

Taxidermist Katy TX

Taxidermy Richmond TX

Thank you for visiting my website! Please feel free to check out my gallery and visit my facebook page HERE for more photos and any special updates.

I have been hunting since I was a small child. It is something I love and have enjoyed hunting with my dad. Over the past few years, my son has started to hunt with me. It was such an exciting moment when he shot his first buck! There are memories from hunting that will last a lifetime. There are stories we share around the campfire or in the bunkhouse. Even in the quiet moments in the deer blind, I value the time I spend with my dad and with my son.

With taxidermy, we are able to preserve memories that can last beyond a lifetime. I have always been taught to respect the animals we hunt, and taxidermy is an extension of the respect I show for the animals as well as giving you a token of your hunt to proudly display. Whether it's your first hunt with your child, the big trophy you've been hunting for years, or anything in between, you can trust Prestige Mounts to create a quality product you will be proud of for years to come.

Aaron Gutierrez

Prestige Mounts Taxidermy




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